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  "Qirui Surgical Sutrues SURGICAL SUTURE NEEDLES are needles of global standards" says our client in USA

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 Our products include suture needles, eyeless surgical needles, drilled end,rolled end surgical needles, suture needle of any type as per customer specifications.

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We are reputed manufacturers of suture needles, surgical needles, eyeless, drilled end needles,rolled end needles.


The company is an independent surgical needle manufacturer and has been exporting needles toSuture, Surgical, Needles, Drilled End Needles, Atraumatic needle, Manufacturers, list of surgical, Manufacturing company, India, Sutures India, Beko needles, Pony needle industries, Pony many Suture Manufacturers all over the world. The company produces Drilled end Suture Needles in various shapes and sizes according to the requirements with its skilled and well experienced team of staffs and labours.The featured advantages of our needles are

>> Qirui Surgical Sutrues SURGICAL SUTURE NEEDLES/ Suture needle has suprior penetration ability.

>> Precisely drilled end for maximum suture holding strength.

>> Adequately tempered for securing strong attachment.

>> cannot be easily broken, and it can provide you with reliable safety

>> Smooth finished drilled hole - does not have abrasive effect on suture.

>> Drilled end for easier and productive attachment.

>> Smooth surface finish with least pit holes for easy passage through tissues.

>> A natural sheen of steel.

>> Made from special steel alloy, which resists breaking even when reshaped.

>> Corrosion resistant Steel, sutable for wet Sterile pack.

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